Ticket to Love Series

“Kiss Me at Midnight” (Ticket to Love #1)

Allina Hemphill’s been (unsuccessfully) set up by her parents too many times, but when her mother’s scheming puts Blane Douglas in her sights on Christmas Eve, she finds she’s more than happy to steal a kiss under the mistletoe.

(This short story previously appeared as a part of the One Week in December anthology under the pen name Julia Kelly.)

This book releases on November 1.

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The Wedding Week (Ticket to Love #2)

No man has ever made no-nonsense wedding planner Annie Kalani want to break her biggest rule: don’t get involved with the guests. That is until she meet hot LA chef Chris Benson. But Annie soon realizes that her one night of sex on the beach could mean risking it all.

(This book first appeared in the anthology One Week in Hawaii under the pen name Julia Kelly.)

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Seduction in the Snow (Ticket to Love #3)

Lydia Reed’s had her heart stomped on one too many times, so when she meets gorgeous, glasses-wearing winemaker Evan Sullivan on vacation at the same ski lodge she jumps at the chance for a short, hot fling with a definite end date. But when Evan starts to want more than a couple sexy nights in the hot tub, he find himself fighting her demons for a chance at winning her heart.

(This book first appeared in the anthology One Week in Wyoming under the pen name Julia Kelly.)

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