You’re Never Going to Read This

One podcast. Two sisters. Many book recommendations.

You’re Never Going to Read This is a podcast brought to you by Julia and her sister Justine, the book blogger at I Should Read That. Each episode, Julia and Justine recommend each other a book they think they’ll like but know the other will never read because their TBR piles are just too large. The goal is to get the other to actually pick up the book in the name of reading diversity, peer pressure, and sibling rivalry.

You’re Never Going to Read This runs in limited series, with episodes coming out once a week during a season run. There are also specials with some of your favorite authors, booksellers, and more. You can find You’re Never Going to Read This on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts, and you can also subscribe to the show’s newsletter.

First Draught

First Draught is a monthly online talk show for writers and readers curious about the writing process. Alexis Anne, Mary Chris Escobar, and Julia pick apart issues from finding a critique partner to protecting your writing life. They often discuss topics with an eye towards the romance and women’s fiction genres, sometimes with special guests.

First Draught goes out to newsletter subscribers on the first Tuesday of every month. The episodes are recorded and can be found on YouTube or as podcasts on iTunes and Soundcloud. You can also check out their website at


HBIC Nation

Six authors and badass business women discuss how to grow your creative empire like an HBIC. 

Join Alexis Anne, Lindsay Emory, Mary Chris Escobar, Alexandra Haughton, Julia Kelly and Laura von Holt for monthly chats about how to succeed in style. And remember our motto: Dream. Do. Dominate.