First Draught

First Draught is a monthly online talk show for writers and readers curious about the writing process. Alexis Anne, Mary Chris Escobar, and I pick apart issues from finding a critique partner to protecting your writing life. We often discuss topics with an eye towards the romance and women’s fiction genres, sometimes with special guests.

First Draught goes out to newsletter subscribers on the first Tuesday of every month. The episodes are recorded and can be found on YouTube or as podcasts on iTunes and Soundcloud. You can also check out our website at

Planning Your Writing Year (Jan. 2017)

Our Favorite Books of 2016 (Dec. 2016)

Avoiding the Dreaded Info Dump (Oct. 2016)

Publishing Journey: Julia Kelly (Sept. 2016)

#ReadWritePlan (Aug. 2016)

RWA Three Different Ways (July 2016)

Our Paths to Publishing (June 2016)

Finding Your Own Truth in the World of Publishing (May 2016)

The Making of Book Covers: Indie vs. Traditional (April 2016)

Surviving Your Book Launch (February 2016)

Books That Have Inspired Us (January 2016)

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Size Does Matter – Serials, Series, Novellas, and Novels (June 2015)

How to Write the Best Pitches, Blurbs, and Synopses (May 2015)

How to Build Your Author Brand (Even When You Don’t Have a Book Out) (April 2015)

Problematic Heroines (March 2015)

The Old is New (October 2014)

Learn to Love Your Research (September 2014)

Protect Your Writing Time (August 2014)

So You’re Going to RWA: Part II (July 2014)

So You’re Going to RWA: Part I (July 2014)

Everything Your Ever Wanted to Know about Critique Partners (But Were Afraid to Ask) (June 2014)

Music is Muse (April 2014)

Plotters vs. Panters (March 2014)

The Balance Myth (January 2014)

Holiday Romances, Traditions, and Beer (December 2013)

It’s about the Hero (November 201s)

It’s All about the Heroine (October 2013)