The TBR Problem

I, Julia Kelly, have a problem. I have a To Be Read pile that just doesn't quit. It's the best kind of problem to have that a lot of readers share, but it's a problem nonetheless. I live in a New York studio apartment so even with two large bookshelves (that are double and triple-stacked in places) my home is bursting with books I haven't read. My bedside table isn't so much a table but a repository for the books I think I might read next. Romances, history, classics, mysteries, biographies, I've got it all. I've instituted a rule that if I don't read a book I picked up at a conference within two years, it gets sent to a friend or donated. It's a great rule, but it's not really helping me get through the books that are queued up and waiting to be read. The books I really want to read. So today I'm asking for your help. How do you guys handle an out of control TBR? Reading challenges? Quotas? Leave me a comment with your tried and true methods (or just join me in the book storage struggle).