A super quick #5forFri from me today because this is so late! #1 I've had a good run of writing days all in a row, most of them hitting or exceeding my writing goals. As any writer will tell you, building up that kind of momentum is huge.

#2 My brilliant sister has gotten her book review website off the ground in a big way! She's a speed reader, so she's already got a bunch of review up on I Should Read That, and her Instagram game is solid. (There are plenty of cats with books pictures to enjoy.)

#3 Last weekend I indulged and bought myself a JBL Clip 2 wireless bluetooth speaker to finally replace my old speakers that died years ago. I've been happily listening to a lot of KUSC but also rediscovering much of the jazz I danced to when I was in college and a serious swing dancer. Sydney Bechet, Count Bassie, Duke Ellington, and Charlie Parker.

#4 I'm running my first race this weekend — a short 4 mile loop in the park.

#5 This dance to that Ed Sheeran song I can't get out of my head. (H/T my friend Sonia) And that's all for me! What are your five favorite things from this week?