#5forFriday: One Week in Hawaii Is Breaking Up! (And That Means You Save)

This is a special #5forFriday today because it isn't every week I get to announce TWO deals for readers.

  1. My anthology ONE WEEK IN HAWAII is breaking up! What does that mean for you? A 99¢ book that gets you not just one but four sexy novellas just in time for summer beach read season. But remember, you've got just one week for the sale because after that the ebook comes down and you'll only be able to get it via paperback.
  2. Speaking of great deals, my publisher has put together a bundle of 12 free reads including THE GOVERNESS WAS WICKED! It's all in honor of a great site redesign for XOXO After Dark. Definitely check it out, and don't miss this video the authors of Pocket shot for the big anniversary. I'm in there, big hair and all.
  3. My sister and her Scottish boyfriend are coming to NYC! In fact, mere hours after this post goes up, they'll be on the ground (and probably jet lagged). My sister used to live four blocks from me in New York, so it's been tough not having her around. Fortunately...
  4. ...my moving to the U.K. going along about as well as I could hope. There are a million little things that need to be done before I get on a plane, but I'm crossing things off the very long to do list.
  5. Normally I'd round this out by saying I finished a draft of a book (true!) or turned in proofs (also true!) since my last #5forFriday, but really the best thing that's happened to me all week has been seeing friends and getting together those last few times. Even though I'll see many of them in a couple months — I literally just booked airfare to come back to the U.S. for my best friend's bachelorette party in Austin AND RWA in Orlando — there's something about celebrating seeing each other in the same city that makes all the difference.