Craving More Historical Romance? This List Is for You

A lot of new-to-me readers picked up my historical romance, The Governess Was Wanton, last week when it was on sale for $0.99. Thank you! It was great seeing it get into the hands of readers across the world! Since that book's short and sweet and might leave you craving a little more romance, here are some books from me as well as other authors to look at for your next historical romance read.

The Governess Was Wicked, by Julia Kelly

If you enjoyed The Governess Was Wanton, this is where the series starts. Elizabeth, our titular governess, is convinced that Dr. Edward Fellows would never be interested in a working woman. But little does she know that he's been pining for her for years...until the two of them share their first kiss.

The Governess Was Wild, by Julia Kelly

My road trip book! The Governess Was Wild starts when Jane (the last of our governesses to find love) wakes up in an inn and finds that her charge has disappeared and one very angry baron is missing his horse. That's a problem because her charge was sent away from London to keep her from following through on marrying a throughly unsuitable gold digger. Jane convinces the baron to accompany her on the road to find both horse and girl before the runaway couple can make it to Gretna Green, but it's Jane who finds true love on this trip.

The Look of Love, by Julia Kelly

When Ina, a near-spinster who loves nothing more than sculpting, finds herself in a compromising position that threatens to ruin her reputation, a matchmaker convinces her to marry her best friend, Gavin. But what she doesn't realize is that Gavin has loved her from a distance for years, and this marriage of convenience is going to be a lot harder than either of them expected. You can't read this one quite yet, but you can preorder it, making it a gift from Current You to Future You.

Think of England, by K.J. Charles

This is a wonderful Edwardian M/M romance...with spies! Think Downton Abbey with more political intrigue.

An Extraordinary Union, by Alyssa Cole

More spies! This time during the Civil War! (I really like spy historical romance.) Alyssa's book is the wonderful, richly layered romance that everyone's been talking about this year.

The Countess Conspiracy, by Courtney Milan

One of my favorite historical romances, this is a great book if you like your romances sciencey and your heroines nerdy. Be prepared for some deep angst in this friends-to-lovers book.

"Sweetest Regret" in What Happens Under the Mistletoe, by Meredith Duran

If you're craving some Christmas a little early, this is a wonderful novella to tide you through the end of the summer. It reunites a diplomat's daughter with the rogue who ruined her reputation, forcing them to face old wounds during the holiday season.