12 Days of Christmas Reads: Resisting Santa, by Lindsay Emory

Welcome to a huge celebration of Christmas-themed books! Every November I impulse buy a ton of Christmas-themed books (mostly romances) and dump them onto my Kindle. I then spend the next two months wallowing in wonderful, heart-warming, sometimes sexy reads. This year I'm sharing twelve of my favorites, and day seven we're back on Mistletoe Key and smashing the patriarchy! If you missed yesterday's Christmas reading recommendation, click here.

Resisting Santa, by Lindsay Emory

Mistletoe Key takes Christmas traditions very seriously. So when Eliza Hart advocates for a gender-inclusive Santa late one night on public radio, she inadvertently sets off an historic island-wide scandal. After years away, she’s just returned to the island but once again she’s persona non grata, fighting the patriarchy one Santa suit at a time.

Tiki bar owner Shep Butler had a childhood crush on Eliza and while she’s stirring up trouble in town, he can’t help the feelings she’s stirring up in him. He’s always been fascinated with her eyes and her freckles, but now her grown-up feminist opinions are a package deal and maybe even a deal breaker.

On an island where Christmas is celebrated 365 days a year, can Eliza and Shep find room at the inn for different opinions – and love – before politics and tradition tear them apart?

Full disclosure on this one, Lindsay Emory is one of my favorite people. She's also a member of my writing group, The HBICs, and she hired me to proofread Resisting Santa. However, you know I wouldn't recommend a book I didn't love, and I'm going to wholeheartedly recommend this one! Eliza is a sharp, determined heroine who just wants to make her community better, even if not everyone wants to see that happen. Shep's the bar owner who loves his hometown of Mistletoe Key, and maybe loves Eliza too. The big romantic gesture at the end of this book is excellent and makes me so happy and hopeful whenever I think of it!

Check back tomorrow for more Christmas reading recommendations as the 12 Days of Christmas Reads rolls on we're heading to a whisky distillery in Scotland. If you want to see all of the 12 Days of Christmas Reads recommendations in one place, you can check out this handy landing page. And be sure to download my London-set Christmas novella, Kiss Me at Midnight.