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Five for Friday (With Kitties)

Last week I told you I'd be sharing this five things I've loved over the past seven days. Here's this week's edition: 1. If you've been reading my blog for awhile you might have noticed things look a little different. I've rebranded to reflect my new pen name for contemporary romance: Julia Blake! I'll still be writing historicals as Julia Kelly, but this will help make it really clear which genre you're going to get when you pick up one of my books. (PS You can check out what'll be coming out from Julia Blake thanks to this preorder which just dropped in price from $4.99 to $1.99!)

2. Hidden Figures. Do yourself a favor. Buy yourself a ticket and treat yourself to a really enjoyable, positive movie. It was exactly the story I needed to see with everything swirling around in the world right now.

3. This excellent post from Cara McKenna on using the 28/40 method to create dynamic heroes (and yes you can absolutely use it for heroines).

4. I'm a RITA judge so I'm working my way through a stack of six books in several different categories. I can't actually name check the author or title, but I'm practically bursting because I read an AMAZING RITA-potential book and I can't talk about it at all! One of these days, long after the RITAs are awarded, I'll slip it into a recommendation list and spread the good word and no one will know. How sneaky!

5. And finally, this photo of my sister and her boyfriends' cats looking very judgmental.

VIDEO: Talking about Strong Heroines with Alexis Anne

Yesterday night my good friend Alexis Anne sat down for a Google Hangout with me to talk about strong heroines. She also gets into the writing process a little and tells us about her new book The Storm Inside. It was ($0.99 on Amazon when I posted this and has some fantastic reviews, so definitely check it out. Isn't technology great?