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I'm doing something special as a big thank you to my most dedicated readers. If you sign up for my newsletter, you're going to get a serialized short story sent straight to your inbox — all for free. Here's how it works...

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• On the first Monday of the month you'll get a chapter of my short story The Lady Always Wins. It's a total rewrite of a Wattpad story I wrote for the XOXOConfessions writing competition last fall, so don't worry you'll be getting brand-new story every month. And even better, it's set in the same world as my new Governess series, so you'll get some character cameos no one else will know about!

• Here's a look at what the story's all about:

Miss Catherine Milford is an unashamed spinster with no intention of living a quiet life of obscurity. Sir Ian Randall is one of London's most notorious rakes-and bored to tears of the ton. Neither of them are looking for love, but a bet, a ball, a balcony, and a deliciously seductive kiss are all it takes to make them question everything.

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