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VIDEO: Getting Ready for RWA

The countdown is officially on! In less than a week I'm going to be at RWA in San Antonio, so I'm starting to make all sorts of lists. Yesterday First Draught ran you through what to expect at the conference and answered some common questions about the RITAs, workshops, registration, and meals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nsidBFm1MA

A few helpful links we mentioned in yesterday's chat....

Also don't forget that you can always reach out to us on Twitter, and let us know if you're heading to San Antonio!

VIDEO: So You're Going to RWA 2014!

RWA is less than two weeks away (at least for those of us arriving on Tuesday), and I couldn't be more excited. At this point last year I was pretty deep into a month-long freak out about what to wear, who I would meet, and whether anyone would eat dinner with me. Turns out my clothing was fine, I met some women who have become my closest friends, and I never had to eat alone if I didn't want to. First Draught is doing a couple videos to get you ready for RWA. Right before the 4th of July we tackled our first about why you would even want to pony up all this cash for a conference. I also hope we put some newcomers at ease, letting them know that people will be friendly and want to talk to them. If anything, you can all come and talk to us!

This is the video of that first chat:


Next Tuesday, July 15th, we're talking about the practical side to RWA14. We'll go over what you should pack, how to handle your schedule, and why you should definitely hit up the hotel bar after dinner. You can RSVP to the live video chat by clicking on this link (and that's where you'll find the archive video too).

We hope to see you Tuesday, and if you're new and going to RWA know that it's going to be a great, overwhelming, inspiring experience.