Drinking at RWA

RWA NYCIt's no big secret that a lot of the social life at RWA Nationals centers around the hotel bar (even if you aren't a drinker, come hang out with a soda). As great as the hotel bar can be, sometimes you want to get out of the conference hotel and experience something a little different. Since RWA 15 is in New York City and I'm a New Yorker, I thought I'd throw together some recommendations for bars really close to the Marriott Marquis. Anything with a star is a personal recommendation. *Pony Bar - 45th & 10th (craft beer)

*Beer Culture - 45th & 8th (craft beer)
The Jolly Monk - 48th & 9th (beer, waffle sliders <--I don't know what that is but my friend says they're amazing)
Gaf West - 48th & 9th (dive)
Valhalla - 54th & 9th (beer & food)
*Lillie's - 49th & 8th (Victorian cocktail bar)
The Rum House - 47th & 8th (cocktail bar)
Casellula - 52nd & 9th (wine bar)
Briciola - 51st & 9th (wine bar)
*St. Andrews - 46th & 7th (scotch)
If I have enough time before the conference, I'll try to throw together a list of some restaurants in the Hells Kitchen area that you might want to try.

Wine and Romance

CAPinotGrisProduct220x680SmallI might live in New York City, but I'm a California girl through and through. I'll go barefoot if I can, and if I have to wear shoes you better believe they're going to have at least a 3" heel on them. I thrive in dry heat and melt in the humidity, and I think that Atlantic beaches have nothing on Santa Monica and Malibu. In my recent release One Week in Wyoming, I made my hero a California wine grower. I grew up with parents who had "European" views on wine consumption, so I've been drinking wine for years. I'm a big cheerleader for the wines my home state produces, and I wanted to feature a touch of California in my novella. Plus, what's better than a man who wants to pour you a glass of cab at the end of the day.

This list features wines from all over the state that I drink on a regular basis. It also has a few that I'll reach for on a special occasion. I'll admit that it's a little red heavy as I drink a lot of pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon, but some of the whites are just fantastic (the J Pinot Gris in particular).

If you've got a favorite, let me know! I'm always looking for new recommendations.

Deals & Moderate Bottles ($20 and below)


J Pinot GrisSonoma County

Mumm Napa Valley BrutNapa

Handcraft Pinot NoirCalifornia

Cambria Pinot Noir Julia's VineyardSanta Maria Valley

Chalone Vineyard Pinot NoirMonterey

Handcraft Cabernet SauvignonCalifornia

Hess Estate CabernetNapa

Josh Cellers Cabernet SauvignonNapa


Special Occasions ($20+)

Far Niente ChardonnayNapa

Cakebread Cellers ChardonnayNapa

Au Bon Climat Pinot NoirSanta Barbara County

Qupe SyrahCentral Coast 

Stag's Leap Wine Cellers Cabernet Sauvignon ArtemisNapa


One Week in Wyoming is now available for purchase at all ebook retailers.

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