The Allure of Attraction Is Out Now

Today I’m very excited to announce that the last (for now at least) of the Matchmaker of Edinburgh series hit stores. A few of you have taken a guess at who the next book would be about, and those who chose Lavinia, the kind dressmaker who helps Caroline, got it spot on.

Lavinia’s story, The Allure of Attraction, was a fun one to write for a few reasons:

  • It’s a spy story
  • It’s a second chance romance
  • It’s an enemies to lovers romance

(Those of you who’ve been reading me for awhile know that I’ve never met a second chance romance I didn’t love.)

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect when you pick up this book.

Lavinia Parkem, the most talented dressmaker in Edinburgh, has never forgotten her first love: Captain Andrew Colter. They were meant to be married years earlier but when Andrew’s ship was wrecked in the Caribbean her parents forced her to marry another.

Andrew may have survived a shipwreck to find fame and fortune at sea, but he never fully healed after Lavinia’s abandonment. Instead, he dedicated himself to the navy—and secret missions for the foreign office. Nearing retirement and back on British soil, he’s given a new assignment—infiltrate the home of a wealthy banker who’s suspected of being behind a plan to assassinate the Prince of Wales. But to do that, Andrew must recruit and turn the woman the banker once wooed: Lavinia Parkem.

Unable to shirk his duties, Andrew begrudgingly uses the influence of successful matchmaker of Edinburgh to convince the now-widowed Lavinia to help him take down his mark. She relents, telling herself that Andrew’s no longer the warm, loving young man she once knew. But the more time she spends with him, the harder it is to pretend there’s no longer any attraction there. And it’s tormenting Andrew that he must ask her to put herself in more and more danger and now, he must decide whether his duty to queen and country is worth risking the life of the woman he never stopped loving.

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