Making Great Romance Novel Covers

Today I’m taking a moment away from getting ready for the release of The Governess Was Wicked (Sept. 12!) to brag about one of my very talented friends. In addition to writing romance, Alexandra Haughton has a business called Romanced by the Cover which provides beautiful custom and premade book covers to authors.

Last week, Alexandra wrote up a fantastic article for The Verbs about working with a cover designer to get a design that best reflects your book. In the article she broke down several different genres and created covers that reflected those genres’ demands. The coolest part is that she used my name and author brand for historical romance and mocked up four covers for a book I hadn't even dreamed up yet called Undressing the Duke.

The covers are pretty incredible. Alexandra did a wonderful job of not only finding stock photos (a frustrating challenge in historical romance because you’ve got to get the frocks right), but also matching the tone and look of the cover to the title. I'm also really fond of some of the fonts she picked, so much so that I actually asked Alexandra to use them when she made the cover for my Wattpad free read The Lady Always Wins.

The Lady Always WinsYou can check out all of the Undressing the Duke covers as well as covers for Alexis Anne (erotic romance), Lindsay Emory (cozy mystery), and Mary Chris Escobar (women's fiction) by clicking here. And be sure to check out Romanced by the Cover for more cover art as well as Alexandra’s latest release, The Last Plus One.

UPDATE: You can now read part 2 of Alexandra's series on working with a cover artists by clicking here.