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Another Epic World War II Story Is Coming Soon

I've been hinting at what my next historical fiction would be about and finally (FINALLY) I can start talking about it. 

I’m very proud to introduce you to The Whispers of War, a book that explores how far friendship and loyalty can be pushed during a time of war.

Here's a look at what you can expect:

In August of 1939, as Britain watches the headlines in fear of another devastating war with Germany, three childhood friends must choose between friendship or country. Erstwhile socialite Nora is determined to find her place in the Home Office’s Air Raid Precautions Department, matchmaker Hazel tries to mask two closely guarded secrets with irrepressible optimism, and German expat Marie worries that she and her family might face imprisonment in an internment camp if war is declared. When Germany invades Poland and tensions on the home front rise, Marie is labeled an enemy alien, and the three friends find themselves fighting together to keep her free at any cost.

The Whispers of War comes out almost a year to the day after The Light Over London, and although it isn’t a sequel to The Light Over London, I think you’re going to enjoy returning to the same world for another story of extraordinary women.

The Whispers of War will be on sale in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook at all major retailers on January 14th in North America and January 16th in the United Kingdom.

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The Light Over London Gets a New Look!

Sometimes change is good, especially when it means the start of something new. 


While I adore the The Light Over London's hardcover cover with its beautiful turquoise and yellow, I was pretty thrilled when I saw what Gallery Books had in mind for the US paperback edition!

This beautiful, rich blue cover will be on sale in the US starting on September 24th at all major retailers and many of your favorite indie bookstores, but you can preorder it today to make sure it ships as soon as the book comes out:

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And UK readers will start seeing The Light Over London in stores in October 3. You can preorder it here:

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Your First Look at The Light Over London

I'm very happy today to be sharing with you a first look at my first historical women's fiction, The Light Over London, which will be coming out in paperback and ebook this fall. Split between present day and World War II, it's a story of love and loss, secrets and discovery. And there's a dreamy cover to match this beautiful story.

Available for preorder in print and ebook

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For Cara Hargraves, burying herself in the past is easier than confronting the present, which is why working with a gruff but brilliant antiques dealer is the perfect salvation. While clearing out an estate, she pries open an old tin that holds the relics of a lost relationship; among the treasures, a World War II-era diary and a photograph of a young woman in uniform—the same one Cara’s grandmother wore during the war. Eager to find the author of the hauntingly beautiful, unfinished diary, Cara embarks on a journey to untangle the affair, and just maybe uncover her grandmother’s deeply guarded secrets, too.

In 1941, nineteen-year-old Louise Keene’s life had been decided for her—she’ll wait at home in her Cornish village until the wealthy son of her mother’s best friend returns from war to ask for her hand. But when Louise unexpectedly meets Flight Lieutenant Paul Bolton, a dashing RAF pilot stationed at a local base, everything changes. But their whirlwind romance is cut short when Paul’s unit is deployed.

Desperate for a larger life, Louise defies her parents and joins the women’s branch of the British Army in the anti-aircraft gun unit. As bombs fall on London, she relishes in her growing friendships with the gunner girls and knowing she and Paul will be together when the war is over. But when a bundle of her letters to Paul are returned unanswered, she learns that wartime romance can have a much darker side.

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Lady in a Blue Dress — The Allure of Attraction's Got a Cover!

If you've ever wondered what it's like when an author gets a book cover from a publisher, it goes something like this: *email from editor dings to phone*

Me: Oh my god, please be good. Please be good. Please be good.

*opens email inbox on laptop for higher image resolution/because I'm terrified that I'm going to hate the cover and this delays the reveal for a moment*

Me: Just don't suck. That's all I want. I can handle mediocre. Totally. No problem. Oh, please, please, please don't suck.

*clicks on email and downloads image*


That is an exact play-by-play of what happened when I opened the email from my editor for The Allure of Attraction's cover. And you know what, it didn't just not suck. I loved it.

AmAmazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Google Play

Not only was I blown away by how striking that vibrant blue is, the cover model is smiling. Smiling! I've never had a smiling heroine on the cover of my historical books, and something about it makes me so incredibly happy.

In this book, you're going to meet Lavinia, our heroine. She'd be the first to tell you that a lot of bad things have happened in her life, but she's made the most of it. She's a successful dressmaker in Edinburgh, and between her shop, her friends, and her somewhat irresponsible but charming brother she has a full life. Everything is going well until the childhood sweetheart she was supposed to marry years ago walks back into her life.

Andrew's life sailing merchant ships has taken him across the globe—convenient given that he's also a spy for Her Majesty's government. He's all set to retire until his handlers give him one last job: go back home to Scotland and recruit Lavinia, the woman who broke his heart, to help him infiltrate a group at the center of a dastardly plot.

So yes, dear readers, in the summer you're going to get this beautiful book and all the second chance romance/enemies-to-lovers/espionage romance goodness inside. I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed writing it!

The Allure of Attraction releases this summer, but you can preorder it now from all major ebook retailers!

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Get a Free Holiday Romance Today!

I've got a secret for you. Sometimes authors put out books and think, "I'm not so sure about that one." That's what happened when I put out "Kiss Me at Midnight" in the One Week in December anthology. It wasn't that I didn't like the holiday short story. I loved the characters and the premise. I just felt like it was missing something.

Fast forward to this fall and I figured out what was bothering me about the story. It needed more. Now I'm rereleasing Kiss as Midnight as a fully revised, much longer holiday novella under my Julia Blake name. I've also made the story a lot sexier. (TBH this is probably what was bothering me the most. I wrote a contemporary romance without sex it in? Well we can't have that.)

You can now download the fully revised version of Kiss Me at Midnight at all your favorite retailers for free.

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This holiday novella kicks off my revamped Ticket to Love series with The Wedding Week and Seduction in the Snow. In honor of it, I'm putting those two books on sale for 99¢ for a for a limited time!

Cover Reveal: Check Out The Taste of Temptation's Dreamy Cover!

The news out of London is coming hot and fast as the weather starts to cool down here and it actually feels like autumn is approaching. Last month CHANGING THE PLAY hit retailers, giving readers a chance to read my first Julia Blake sports romance. THE LOOK OF LOVE, the first book in my new Scottish historical series called The Matchmaker of Edinburgh, comes out in less than a month. And today I'm showing off the new cover for the second Matchmaker of Edinburgh book, THE TASTE OF TEMPTATION!

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I absolutely love the covers for this series, and this one is just perfect for the story! The book comes out in February, and here's a look at book blurb if you're curious:

Only desperation could have driven Caroline Burkett to her brother’s home in Scotland, but desperate is exactly what she is. After suing her former fiancé for breaking their engagement and causing a scandal in the papers, her only hope of starting over is to enlist the help of Edinburgh’s famous matchmaker, Moira Sullivan.

Born to a butler and maid, Jonathan Moray fought hard to find his place in Edinburgh society. Now a powerful newspaperman, he can make or break a person’s reputation with his headlines, but Jonathan knows his success isn’t guaranteed. He needs salacious stories to keep his readers enthralled, and Caroline’s story is just the sort to sell papers in droves.

When Moira introduces Jonathan and Caroline at a salon, Caroline knows the editor is exactly the wrong man to associate with if she wants to find a husband and restore her reputation, but even as another, more suitable suitor begins to court her, she can’t deny the power of her attraction to Jonathan. Now she must ask herself if she’s strong enough to choose between the man who can give her a secure, quiet life, or the one who promises her a passion she’s never known.

You can also watch this replay of a Facebook Live video I did talking a bit more about the Matchmaker of Edinburgh series. Don't forget to like my Julia Kelly/Julia Blake author page for more chats like this one, and while you're at it follow me on BookBub. Click here for Julia Kelly and here for Julia Blake!

Your First Look at a Second Chance Romance

Four years ago, I came back to New York from a conference buzzing with excitement over a new story I wanted to write. It was a sexy sports contemporary romance all centered around the NFL Draft. It would have a badass agent as the heroine squaring off against a charming and persistent sports reporter who's fighting to save his job by scoring a big interview with her client. Even better, he's a blast from her past — the guy who never noticed her in high school — but you can bet he's paying attention now. I sat down and started writing that very night.

Over the years the book changed as I grew as an author. I rewrote it a couple of times but kept coming back. Finally, it found a home with my publisher and got the love it deserves from a great editor. Now I can honestly say I can't wait for you guys to read CHANGING THE PLAY, and as a little teaser here's a look at the cover!

Rachel's a powerful agent who will do anything to guard her clients (her client list is full of basketball and football players just like those guys standing behind her). She's totally the type of woman to rock that suit and those shoes at work, and I love love love her!

Trust me, Nick doesn't even know what he's in for!

Here's a bit more about Rachel and Nick's story:

Rachel Pollard has never been a push-over. That’s why she’s a superstar in the world of sports management, making a name for herself with a shrewd eye for overlooked talent. She certainly isn’t taking any chances with her latest NFL draft prospect, Kevin Loder, who’s poised to shake up the league. But when Nick Ruben, a tenacious sports reporter who also happens to be the crush who ignored her all through high school, picks up the scent of a long-buried story, Rachel suddenly finds herself playing defense for the first time in years.

Nick usually doesn’t strike out with women, but his always-dependable charm isn’t getting him anywhere with Rachel or the interview he needs to save his job from his network’s impending layoffs. He knows he’s pressing hard, but she’s pushing back just as much—it’d almost be fun if his career wasn’t on the line. But after weeks of begging and finally striking a deal for an exclusive, Nick is surprised to realize he wants their relationship to be anything but professional. Now he has to figure out a way to save his job without hurting hers, and to make the girl he overlooked in high school believe he’s worth a shot at love.

If you preorder now, you get the book at it's promotional $1.99 price. That's down from $4.99! 

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You can expect to meet Rachel and Nick on August 21, just in time for football season to kick off!

COVER REVEAL: Book 1 in a Sexy New Scottish Romance Series

If you've been reading my newsletter or my website for awhile now, you know I've been hinting at the new Scotland-set historical series I've been writing. Well, the first book in the Matchmaker of Edinburgh series is now available for preorder, and it has a gorgeous cover!

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Isn't she beautiful!? The cover designer did an amazing job with this one, and I couldn't be happier!

I loved writing this heroine who is a fiercely independent sculptor who's near ruination lands her in a marriage of convenience with her best friend.

Here's a closer look:

An accomplished sculptor with secret ambitions, Ina Duncan has managed to avoid marriage for years until an accidental encounter at a party leaves her near ruin and in need of a husband. Fast. Determined to find a willing husband for Ina, Edinburgh’s most powerful matchmaker, Moira Sullivan, quickly realizes that the solution to Ina’s problem might be right in front of her.

Ina’s best friend, Gavin Barrett, has a secret no one knows: he’s loved her for years. As the second son of a baronet, however, he knows he has little chance with his brilliant, beautiful friend. All that changes when Moira convinces Ina to propose a marriage of convenience to Gavin to save her from ruin. Ina only wants two things from him in return: a vow she can continue to sculpt and a promise they’ll remain in Edinburgh.

After a rocky start, happiness—and maybe passion—seems on the horizon for the newlyweds until a twist of fate bestows the title of Sir Barrett on Gavin and forces him to assume responsibilities he’s never wanted. Forced to mold herself into the perfect baronet’s wife, Ina must choose between her dreams and the man she’s learning to love.

This book is slated to come out on October 9, and you can preorder it now so you don't miss it's big release day! Just click on one of the links below.

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Making Great Romance Novel Covers

Today I’m taking a moment away from getting ready for the release of The Governess Was Wicked (Sept. 12!) to brag about one of my very talented friends. In addition to writing romance, Alexandra Haughton has a business called Romanced by the Cover which provides beautiful custom and premade book covers to authors.

Last week, Alexandra wrote up a fantastic article for The Verbs about working with a cover designer to get a design that best reflects your book. In the article she broke down several different genres and created covers that reflected those genres’ demands. The coolest part is that she used my name and author brand for historical romance and mocked up four covers for a book I hadn't even dreamed up yet called Undressing the Duke.

The covers are pretty incredible. Alexandra did a wonderful job of not only finding stock photos (a frustrating challenge in historical romance because you’ve got to get the frocks right), but also matching the tone and look of the cover to the title. I'm also really fond of some of the fonts she picked, so much so that I actually asked Alexandra to use them when she made the cover for my Wattpad free read The Lady Always Wins.

The Lady Always WinsYou can check out all of the Undressing the Duke covers as well as covers for Alexis Anne (erotic romance), Lindsay Emory (cozy mystery), and Mary Chris Escobar (women's fiction) by clicking here. And be sure to check out Romanced by the Cover for more cover art as well as Alexandra’s latest release, The Last Plus One.

UPDATE: You can now read part 2 of Alexandra's series on working with a cover artists by clicking here.

Meet the Governesses!

I'm thrilled to finally be able to reveal the gorgeous covers for my new Governess Series, coming this fall!

This delightfully charming and saucy historical romance series features three best friends employed as governesses for different families, who all find themselves wanting loves they can’t have.

All of the books are now available for preorder from your favorite ebook retailer.

The Governess was Wicked

Elizabeth Porter is quite happy with her position as the governess for two sneaky-yet-sweet girls when she notices that they have a penchant for falling ill and needing the doctor. As the visits from the dashing and handsome Doctor Edward Fellows become more frequent, Elizabeth quickly sees through the lovesick girls’ ruse. Yet even Elizabeth can’t help but notice Edward’s bewitching bedside manner even as she tries to convince herself that someone of her station would not make a suitable wife for a doctor. But one little kiss won’t hurt...

The Governess was Wicked releases September 12, 2016

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The Governess was Wanton

Mary Woodward is London's own "fairy godmother," known for her expertise in transforming awkward, shy girls into marriageable society belles. Her new position teaching the daughter of Eric Bromford, the Earl of Asten, should be just another job — until she meets Lord Asten. He's just the sort of man to tempt her to break all her rules, and she does just that when she dons a mask and spends a moonlight night in a garden with the earl. Torn between the temptation of passion and the security of her position, Mary must risk it all for love in this retelling of Cinderella that gives the fairy godmother her happily ever after.

The Governess was Wanton releases October 10, 2016

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The Governess was Wild

Governesses aren't supposed to lose their charges, but that's exactly what happens when Jane Ephram wakes up and realizes that her pupil, Lady Margaret, has eloped from their inn room as they're traveling. Even worse, Lady Margaret's taken Sir Nicholas Hollings's horse, and the disarmingly handsome gentleman is hell-bent on getting the beast back. Racing against time, Jane and Nicholas take to the road again, determined to find the errant Lady Margaret — and maybe even love — along the way.

The Governess was Wild releases November 14, 2016

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COVER REVEAL: Seduction in the Snow

It's Friday (the best day of the week), so why not reveal a new cover? I'm rereleasing my One Week in Wyoming novella as its own book Seduction in the Snow on October 6th! Seduction in the Snow

Isn't it pretty? I love the cover couple so much! Here's a look at what you can expect:

Lydia Reed’s had her heart stomped on one too many times, so when the gorgeous, glasses-wearing Evan Sullivan winds up at the same Wyoming lodge as her she sees the chance for the a short, hot fling with a definite end date. There’s only one problem: Evan. He might have agreed to their just-for-fun romance, but just a few days with her and he wants more. Now he must convince the headstrong writer that falling for him is worth the risk.

There isn't just romance in this one. There's a cute first kiss in the snow and a steamy (literally) hot tub scene for you too!

You can preorder Seduction in the Snow for 99c at all major retailers now. Again, the book comes out on October 6th!

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COVER REVEAL: Of Demons & Stones

Anne L. Parks is celebrating a big cover reveal today! Check out this gorgeous cover by Book Beautiful who always does incredible work. Of Demons & Stones Cover


Kylie Tate is highly successful and focused on her future. No one sees the fear that consumes her, ravaged by demons from a past that left her distrustful of love.

Alex Stone is rarely denied. Not by business associates, and certainly not the women he dates and forgets. Romance is never an option. That is until beautiful, sexy, too damned independent Kylie comes into his life and frustrates the hell out of him. She sparks a desire in him to protect her from the one demon that haunts her - and threatens to destroy them both.

Pushed to her limit and unwilling to be a victim any longer, Kylie takes control of her life.

But a madman’s quest for revenge not only threatens to destroy the love she has finally found – but also her life.

You can preorder Of Demons & Stones on Amazon:

Cover Reveal: One Week in Hawaii

One Week in Hawaii Cover It's here! One Week in Hawaii's gorgeous cover is now out in the world, and, ahead of its May 19th release date, the book is up for presale at retailers too! I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when Book Beautiful sent us the draft of this cover. She got it in one shot, capturing all of the sexy, steamy, beachiness of this book.

Here's a little look at what you can expect from this seriously hot anthology:

Sun, sand, and seduction.

This summer, Alexis Anne, Audra North, Julia Kelly, and Alexandra Haughton sweep you away to paradise for One Week in Hawaii.

A wedding planner breaks all the rules to have just one night of pleasure, only to find that a stolen moment might hold the key to forever.

A movie star falls hard for her sexy co-star…who just happens to be her best friend.

A former black sheep risks falling from grace again when she seduces a handsome stranger with a dark history.

An artist has to choose between dating a guy who will please her parents and one who will please…and pleasure…her.

Sex on the beach is so much more than a drink in these four sizzling contemporary novellas by the authors who brought you One Week in Wyoming.

Preorder is now live!!!




The book will retail at Barnes & Noble on May 19th. One Week in Hawaii will also retail in paperback on Amazon.

Keep checking back in the run up to our May 19th release date for sneak peeks, excerpts, and more! And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter for the very latest about this and other new releases!

Cover Reveal: Returning Home by A.L. Parks

I've got something fun for you today! A.L. Parks's new cover for her book Returning Home is out, and she' s letting me give you a sneak peak! 10426734_346808562155690_2678846790220747995_n


How gorgeous is that? I love this cover designed by Amber at Book Beautiful (Amber did our cover for One Week in Wyoming too). I'm also pretty sure I own a close approximation of that outfit.

Returning Home is book 4 in the Return to Me series. It releases on October 28th. Here's a quick look at what you can expect:

Clarissa wants nothing to do with her father – even in his death. But she can’t escape returning to Newport to settle her father's estate. The safe world she has established starts to crumble and secrets she has locked away threaten to be exposed. Meeting Griff, her father’s partner, provides the only peace and happiness in the darkness that suddenly surrounds her.

Griff has built his custom bike shop from nothing into a thriving success. After the sudden death of his silent partner, Griff finds himself in a fight to save his business from the grieving widow. But falling for his partner's headstrong daughter may cost Griff everything.

Brandi has become accustomed to certain amenities in her life - money and men. She refuses to allow the death of her philandering husband to inconvenience her comfortable lifestyle. Setting her sights set on her husband’s very young, very sexy partner, nothing will get in the way of what she wants - even if it means destroying Clarissa to get it.

While you're waiting for the release, check out A.L. Parks's website to find out more about the rest of the Return to Me series and her other books!